Staff Input Requested – Family Involvement

The Jefferson PTO is committed to the betterment of our school and we feel strongly that the best way to begin, is by trying to increase family/parental involvement. The only way for parents to really know what is going on in their child’s school, is to see it with their own eyes.

One way to do this, is to get parent/family volunteers into the school in some way, shape or form. Currently, many Jefferson parents feel disconnected from the school and may have never even been in the building! So we are looking at potential volunteer opportunities to help bring them in and start making that connection. Volunteer opportunities could be in the classroom, in the cafeteria/outside at lunch, hallway monitors, etc.

We value your input as we are working through this process. Please be honest. (You won’t hurt our feelings, we promise!) We really appreciate your time!

-Jefferson PTO

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